Conociendo una Mami Latina, como tu y como yo

Conociendo una Mami Latina, como tu y como yo

Escrito por una Mamá Pata: Carla Curiel.

En las últimas semanas, he tenido el honor de trabajar con varias mamis Latinas que recién conocieron Lanugo y que estaban genuinamente interesadas en aprender más sobre nosotros, y sobre mi pasión como mamá emprendedora. Dos de esas excelentes mamás Latinas son Karla & Nicole. Me encantaron sus preguntas, así que quise compartir una pregunta de cada entrevista con ustedes. Como somos mamis bilingües, compartiré estas 2 entrevistas, cuales fueron en ingles, tal y como las respondí.

Karla: What/who is your biggest inspiration?

A: My biggest inspiration comes from my children (Adriana & Emilia). It may sound cliché, but seriously, it was because of them and for them that along with my husband, we created Lanugo. I wanted to build a Hispanic-focused world that they could love, be a part of and get inspired from. I want to make sure that they understand their heritage and their past, so that they can in turn conquer their future. My husband and I believe that you need to know where you come from in order to know where you are going. If they loose their roots, they can loose their identity – and that was a scary thought for us as parents.

Para leer más sobre esta entrevista, puedes visitar el blog de Karla Quiz:

Nicole: What part of being Hispanic do you love the most?

If I had to choose only one, I would say it would be our “sazón” (spice). It makes us friendly, loud, fun, and passionate people. It brings out a sense of community and support within us, and it makes us able to embrace and welcome new friends like family.

Para leer más sobre las preguntas de Nicole, visita su blog Lillies and Leon en:



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